Murren to Gimmelwald

Murren and Gimmelwald are two small villages located high above the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland.  The downhill hike from Murren to Gimmelwald is many times mentioned as one of the best walks/hikes in the world.

On the road down to Gimmelwald

I have done this walk 3 times.  In 1998 with my brother Clark. Then in 2015 with my wife Laura, daughter Cayla, and her husband Jon. And lastly in 2019 with my daughters Amanda and Leisa along with Amanda’s friend Keelie.

Looking uphill in Gimmelwald

There is a story about the 1998 walk with my brother Clark.  We were down in Gimmelwald by the lift station.  An older gentleman came off the lift pushing a wheelbarrow up the hill towards his house.

Our Swiss Friend pushing the wheelbarrow

We followed him and after a short while Clark asked him if we could help him push the wheelbarrow up the hill.  So both Clark and I pushed the wheelbarrow and it turned out his house was towards the end of the village and top of the hill. No wonder he accepted our offer of help.  Once to his house he invited us in for a beer.  We sat on his deck overlooking the mountain valley.

The House/Deck we had a beer at in 1998

He didn’t speak much English and we didn’t speak much German, but we did communicate and have an interesting time.  On the 2019 trip I even found the same house (below 2019, above 1998).

The same house in 2019

The feature picture is just past Gimmelwald.  The wildflowers were great on the 2015 walk.

Wildflowers the cows eat which flavors the milk

More wildflowers on a hillside.

Small sheds

Also a lot of cows on the 2015 walk.  The 1998 walk and 2019 walk didn’t have cows as it was too early in the season.


A great walk and highly recommended.  Takes maybe an hour going downhill, more time if you walk back up to Murren.  You can take the lift up to Murren for around 5 dollars.  Some people take the lift From Gimmelwald down to the valley floor and back to the town of Lauterbrunnen.  Also note that Gimmelwald is not Grindlewald a more famous town nearby.

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