White Oaks

My favorite trees are White Oaks. Now the term White Oak can mean a specific tree or a whole class of trees. I usually use White Oak to describe the whole family of trees. I wanted to post the feature image which is a picture I took at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake Wisconsin. They had many fine trees on their many acres. I also posted the picture below:

Green Lake Conference Center White Oak
Chinkapin Oak Leaves

The family of White Oaks include trees like the Chinkapin White Oak, Swamp White Oak, Bur Oak, Chestnut Oak and many more. I will be posting later about seedlings I am planting this spring. One seedling is a Hybrid White Oak called Saul’s Oak which is a cross between a Bur Oak and Chestnut Oak. The cool thing about hybrid oaks is that they have more vigor, meaning they grow really fast. I have planted some Saul’s Oaks the last few years and they are growing great. I will do a post on my Saul’s Oak sometime this summer.

White Oak

Based on my previous post on stumps the White Oaks are much healthier. Didn’t see any rot on White Oak stumps. The native White Oaks in my woods are generally Bur Oak. But like the oak above there are a few true White Oaks (meaning a specific species). In fact I just discovered a couple true White Oaks on a neighboring property which I haven’t seen before which is exciting. I will leave with a picture below of a Bur/White Oak stump which is so very solid.

Bur Oak Stump

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