Chinkapin 2020

I want to continue the Chinkapin Oak recovery story. Late last fall or early winter I cut back all the new growth which came from the Chinkapin Oak stump. Below is what it looked like then.

Chinkapin before pruning

I pruned back to the two best growing stems from the stump. Below is what the attachments look like at the stump.

Growth from Chinkapin Stump

Both of these stems are now over 7 feet tall – in one year. It grows that fast because of the still fully formed root system which can deliver nutrients to the tree. Below is one view as of April 2020.

Two 7 foot stems.

One more view below. I am thinking I will keep both stems growing this year. I want to make sure that the attachments to the stump are solid before I chose just one stem. It will also be interesting to see how much growth it puts on this growing season.

Last Chinkapin Picture

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