The Great Watering of 2021

It is June 14th 2021 and it hasn’t rained in two weeks. On top of that we have had many days in the 90’s. This spring I planted 112 trees and shrubs. Of those 58 were planted in tree bags in our garden/nursery. Last year I planted about 44 new trees. I have found over the years of planting trees that the first two years need to be adequately watered. In fact the old timers at St. Lawrence Nursery have a very through guide to tree planting. Below is the page which discusses watering.

My setup for watering is two 16 gallon tanks which I fill and carry in the back of my Yamaha Viking side by side. That’s 32 gallons which weight 266 pounds of water. Below is a picture of the tanks being filled.

Once I get the Viking down to the woods by the trees to be watered I fill up a 5 gallon bucket and take that to water the trees. Below is a picture of the bucket filling.

Just a few thoughts and memories about droughts. I remember the drought of 1976/77. In fact sometime back then I first planted trees. On my Grandma Schroeder’s farm there was pasture land which wasn’t being grazed anymore. So I collected walnuts from the woods in Kenyon we lived by and dug them into the pasture. Because of the drought none of the walnut seeds grew.

I have been keeping notes on my tree activities for about the last 10 years. We have had a few dry spells, but no drought conditions like we have now. So I will keep watering everyday and hope for future rainfall.

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