Tree Hunting

I have posted before about websites which have information about outstanding trees. Of course someone needs to find these trees, measure them and make them public. I decided to go on a short tree hunt. Just around the local area targeting Parks, Cemeteries and Golf Courses.

My first stop was at the Kenyon Minnesota Cemetery. I found a nice large Bur Oak there:

Large Bur Oak Kenyon Cemetery

So out I go with my tape to see how big the circumference is.

Nine Feet 5 and a half inches at 4 feet

One more picture looking up into this nice large Bur Oak

The Kenyon Cemetery Bur Oak

I wasn’t aware of the Cemetery Bur Oak. But the next Bur Oak I have seen many times over the years. It is on the 8th hole of the Kenyon County Club. Many times while golfing there I have wished I had a tape to measure this stout tree. Here is a picture from a far.

Big Bur Oak Kenyon County Club

Interesting how when there is no person standing by a tree you don’t have scale. So following are closer pictures of this huge tree.

Closer look at Kenyon County Club Bur Oak

One more even closer. This time with my blue 4 inch wide tape measure sitting at the base.

Base of big Bur Oak

And how big is it? Well the circumference of this tree is 15 feet 3 and one half inches. That’s 183 inches total. Not a champion tree, but also a very unique tree.

Tale of the tape 15′ 3″

My last stop for the day was at the Holden Community Park in rural Kenyon and Wanamingo. This park is next to the house I grew up in back the 1960s and 70s. The biggest Oak I had remembered must have died as it wasn’t by the house any more. But east of the park is this very nice Bur Oak.

Bur Oak in Holden Park

Not nearly as big as the Golf Course Bur Oak, but a nice tree. Measurement below:

Eleven feet seven inches

A closeup of the trunk with my measuring tape for scale. Someplace I have a picture of an even larger Bur Oak at the park that died. The picture has 3 people standing side by side so the diameter of that tree might have been six feet. I will try to find that picture and post it later.

Bur Oak at Holden Community Park

So a fun trip. More exploring to come. One last picture of the Golf Course Bur Oak.

Another view of the Golf Course Bur Oak

One last note. All three of the Bur Oak trees in this post are looking very healthy. I will try and get pictures next year when they have leaves on. But encouraging to know that these trees will only get bigger.

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