Chinkapin Choice Made

The choice has been made between the two stems growing from the cut Chinkapin Oak. Below is a view of the two stems in full growth this summer 2020. The north stem is the one on the left in the picture below.

Two Chinkapin Oak Stems

A close up of the diameter of the two stems and how they are attached to the stump. The attachment point was an important consideration in my choice as a weaker attachment could lead to it breaking off. The north stem is on the left in the picture below.

Stem attachments

Here is a different view of the stems at the stump. This time the north stem is on the right below.

Another view of the stump attachements

I have decided to cut the northern attachment out. It was the taller of the two stems but had a smaller stem diameter and a weaker attachment point in my opinion. Below is a picture of the cut.

Cut off the northern stem.

Now one is left. I am looking forward to all the energy from this healthy root system feeding just one stem. If I remember I will take a diameter reading this winter and see how much it grows in this coming season of 2021.

The one left standing December 20, 2020

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