The Big One That Got Away

I had posted about big trees in the Kenyon area and talked about a big Bur Oak which had died. I found the pictures and it was a very large tree. The first picture is a close-up of my oldest daughter, my Mother and my Dad’s cousin standing in front of the trunk. Based on this picture I would guess that the diameter of the tree is at least 6 feet. Which is a circumference of close to 19 feet which is bigger than the Kenyon Golf Course Bur Oak.

Cayla, Marlyn and Bob in July of 2008

This next picture is a full view of the tree. You can already see some die-back at the top of the tree. You might also spot multiple trunks.

Wide View of Bur Oak

The next picture shows three of the trunks.

Three stems in this view

The last photo is a side view with the 4th stem visible.

Side View

Too bad I didn’t go back and measure this giant before it died and was cut down. I will leave to another time to figure out if this was one tree or 4 trees.

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