Coast Redwood Trip

In March of 2021 I took a hiking trip to the California Coast Redwoods with two of my daughters. I had driven through the Redwoods a couple times many years ago but had never hiked into the core forest.

Hiking on The Boy Scout Tree trail

It certainly was a wonderful experience going deeper into the Redwoods. The big story of this trip was finding a hidden giant Coast Redwood. I had posted about Champion Coast Redwood trees a couple years ago. Here is the link to that post. And below is the giant Coast Redwood we found with me standing by it.

Largest Coast Redwood someplace off the Boy Scout Tree Trail

So to find this Coast Redwood we had to hike off trail from the Boy Scout Tree Trail. There was a small social trail I was able to follow. We weren’t certain that we would find this tree. And at around a half hour into the side trip we did have some doubts. But we did find it. I only found directions to this tree on one place on the internet. I believe that the park service wants to keep it a secret.

Another picture of the big Coast Redwood

I know that we need to tread lightly off trail and see the reasoning behind keeping the tree hidden. But for something this special it is hard to keep people away. On the other hand, the pictures below show many other big trees while hiking. It can be had to tell one big tree from another.

That’s a big tree

Of course trying to really get a perspective of the giant trees is difficult with a camera. But hopefully you can see in one of these pictures how unique these trees are.

Roots of a fallen giant

The trails generally are easy, not too much slope. And they are maintained well. However they can be muddy and the redwood roots can be trip hazards.

On the trail at Prairie Creek

One last trail picture to end. A wonderful trip which I would do again and scout out other trails to hike.

One last trail picture

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