Tree Hunters Part III

What are the biggest trees in the world?  By biggest I mean tree volume not height.  The Giant Sequoia in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California have generally been considered the biggest.  But have all the giant trees been found?  My previous posts on Tree Hunters focused on Europe and Eastern United States tree hunters.  This final post is about California tree hunters.


The website by M.D. Vaden has great photos, but also incredible claims that the biggest trees in the world aren’t Giant Sequoia’s but recently discovered Giant Coastal Redwoods.  Coastal Redwoods are documented to be the tallest trees in the world, but not the biggest (widest).   Please go to this page on M.D. Vaden’s website which discusses the recent discoveries of giant Coast Redwoods.  Read tons of stories about tree hunters in coastal California where the Coast Redwoods grow.  The whole website has pictures by M.D. Vaden like below which are truly amazing.


Now, why isn’t this common knowledge that the Giant Sequoia’s have been dethroned as the king of trees?  It is because the Coastal Redwood tree hunters have kept the locations of the new finds secret.  They are concerned that once the giant tree location is know that people will flock to it and destroy it’s local environment which has happened with many other popular Coastal Redwoods.

I realize that because the tree sizes haven’t been officially recognized I might be falling for a hoax.  But reading the stories and looking at the pictures I believe that someday we will consider Coastal Redwoods as the King of Trees.

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