Strasbourg Cathedral

A visit to Strasbourg and the great Cathedral is well worth it if you are in eastern France, southwest Germany or Switzerland.  I visited the Cathedral in 2015 and found it to be a unique piece of Gothic Architecture.  The first thing you notice is the very tall, but off center tower.  It was the tallest structure on earth from 1647 to 1874.  (Note the great tower at Ulm wasn’t finished until 1890)  But unlike Ulm the tower sits on the left side of the west front.  And that west front is one of the most intricate front I have seen on a Gothic Cathedral.



The interior of the Cathedral is also unique in that the apse/choir seems more Romanesque than Gothic.  The apse is shown below.


The height of the nave is only 105 feet making it the 49th highest nave in the world.  My overall impression of the interior was that it was highly refined and had a nice balance.  The stained glass windows are above average for a Gothic Cathedral.


Around the left side of the Cathedral is a beautiful and large stone work carving called Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and Christ on the cross.   The sculptures are life size and the Crucifix also life size.  These sculptures date back to 1498.


On the right side of the Cathedral is a famous and interesting Astronomical Clock from 1843.  Along with the interesting old town a visit to Strasbourg and the Cathedral is recommended.

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