Flood of June 2019

Many of the trees I have been planting over the years have been in a clearing on flood plain land by the Zumbro River.  Other trees have been planted in a clearing on a high ridge above the Zumbro River.  Overnight on Thursday June 27th we had around 7 inches of rain.  With the river already high because of heavy spring rainfall, we had a major flood.  Down close to the Zumbro the water was 8 feet above the banks. floodJun19We last had a flood like this in September of 2010.  Needless to say this was very hard on my young trees and even some 5-10 year old trees.  smalloakfloodA lot of work ahead to repair the damage and in some cases will have to plant new seedlings.  oaktreefloodOne of my bridges was also damaged so as to be barely usable.  The bridge has a span of 24 feet with ramps off of each side of about 10 feet.  It is able to hold up my Yamaha Viking side by side and our big zero turn mower.   larchtreefloodEven a nice larger Tamarack really took a beating.  smtreefloodAnd one more smaller 2 year old 5 foot oak that was bent 90 degrees.  A very discouraging event, but one that can be expected every 10 years or so.  I hope to learn from this event to plant my trees more strategically, like down stream from larger trees for protection.  Overall about 20 – 30 smaller/medium trees are damaged and we will have to wait a few weeks to see if they will survive.



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