Winching Trees

So we had a big flood that flattened a bunch of trees.  I have fixed the smaller under 6 foot trees by putting them in new tree tubes and a new PVC stake.  Some of those trees have leaves coated in mud and are still waterlogged.  I hope that the tree tubes will provide an environment to help them get re-established.   Those younger trees might grow back from their roots.  The older/larger trees that were knocked flat need more substantial support. oaktreeflood So I took my Yamaha Viking and parked in back of the tree and hooked up the front winch line to the tree.  WinchingTreeThen I winched the tree back to an upright position.  I pounded in one or two 8 foot fence posts and tied rope to the tree and the post.  Then I letup the winch pressure and hoped the fence posts stayed in the wet ground. OakwithPost So far it has been a success, but we will see if things hold during a high wind.  A couple of the trees had roots torn out which might prove to be their demise even after pulling them vertical.  As the ground dries out that should firm up the fence posts.  OakwithtwoPostsThere are a couple tall skinny top heavy trees which might need some major trimming to make them less top heavy.  I will have to do some research on that and maybe talk to a forester.  As of now I am hopeful that the flood damage can be fixed.

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